Benefits of Security Video Monitoring

best-security-systems-for-homeRegardless of where you live, crime is always a possibility. It is therefore essential to make sure that your home is as safe as possible for you and your family. The best home security system has numerous benefits that help maintain security and peace of mind. Good surveillance system should be able to monitor the surrounding environment in order to boost security. These systems make use of electronic equipment such as video cameras and alarm system which are connected to a recording devise. Every home owner needs to have some form of video surveillance in their property. These are some of the benefits of having the best diy home security system.


Installing wireless video surveillance systems will deter potential criminals. Ensure that the surveillance is clearly noticeable otherwise you will have sacrificed the main beneficiary of your investment. Robbers will often investigate the home that they are planning to rob. The presence of a home surveillance and security system will deter the thieves from attempting to break in regardless of whether the surveillance is working or not. They have the perception that they will be discovered before they even break in. The video surveillance only makes things worse when they know that it will be used as evidence against them in a court of Law.


The surveillance systems come with a panic button. In the event that you find yourself in danger and that someone unauthorized has entered your property, you can activate the panic button which then alerts the local emergency service to the incident. The standard alarm system and motion detector will only scare away the thieves by their sirens and noise. Neighbors will also be aware that there is suspicious activity going on in the residence and they will also get in touch with the police. Having a twenty four hour alarm system, the control panel at the security firm will be triggered in case of an emergency and a call is placed to the system that is manned by security professionals all the time. Your premise will be secure at all times.


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Effective Ways to Secure Your Residence

The most common threat to any residence is burglary. U.S statistics show that one occurs about every 15 seconds. The most surprising things is, most of these burglaries occur during the day. For these reasons, protecting your home from such threats should be top priority. Fortunately there is so much that can be done to secure your home and prevent yourself from being a victim of burglary. The secret to doing so is taking advantage of what is available such as home security systems, home security monitoring, automated lighting and security cameras in addition to knowing how to make your home less of a target.

Doors and Locks

Effective Ways to Secure Your ResidenceThe first step to take in terms of home security is ensuring that your home is difficult to enter. According to 6webs security, the best way to start is with the correct doors and locks. The common entrance points during a break in include the front and back doors as well as the garage doors. To start, all entrance doors should be metal or have a solid core. Along with a strong, sturdy door a high quality grade 1 or grade 2 deadbolt lock with a one inch bolt should be used. In addition to the lock, using a heavy duty strike plate is just as important.

Sliding Patio Doors and Windows

Sliding patio doors and windows are also vulnerable entry points because they are latched rather than locked. Due the the latch mechanism, patio doors and windows can be forced open more easily or actually lifted off the track to bypass the latch. Luckily a series of locking and blocking devices are available such as charley bars and anti lift devices. To secure sliding patio doors and windows. consider one of these options as well using alarm decals to deter burglars.

Home Alarm Systems

Having a home security system is the best addition to any residence. They work by securing all doors and windows in case of a break in and sounds an alarm if the home is entered unauthorized. With home security there is the option of a hardwired or wireless system both of which are connected to a keypad that is used to arm and disarm the alarm. The keypad also performs other functions related to the security system. When selecting a home alarm it is important to choose one that works with other home sensors and one that is user friendly.

Extras to Consider

In addition to basic protection you may want to consider extra services such as home monitoring and a home security camera or two. Home security monitoring is a service that watches the home 24/7 through a central monitoring system. If the alarm is triggered, help is called automatically. Security cameras offer an additional level of protection, especially when installed on the home’s exterior. Home security cameras from Vivint, are especially useful at the front door and around the perimeter of the home. Cameras can also be installed in the home and connected to your security system for even more protection.

Tips for a More Secure Home

There are a few additional ways to make a home even more secure. To start, automated lighting is a great idea. A timer on interior lights are very effective at deterring burglars. WIth automated lighting, lights can be programmed to turn on and off even when no one is home. Exterior security lighting that allows at least 100 feet of visibility is also a good idea, especially when connected to motion sensors. Home safes to store valuable items should also be considered. Just be sure to protect the code and change it occasionally.

Overall, there are many aspects to home security. Although there is a lot to consider, always start with the basics. Making your home difficult to enter by selecting the right doors and locks along with securing sliding patio doors and windows is a great first step. After that, select the best system that suits your needs along with any extras you would like installed such as 24/7 monitoring and cameras. Other tips for a more secure home include having automated interior lighting and exterior security lighting as well storing valuables in a safe. Once the proper measures are taken your home will be safe and secure.